The Company

 The Agricultural Olive Cooperative of Rovies began its operation in 1981 with the main activity of gathering, processing, packaging and marketing the production of the olive grove of Rovies in table olives. The burden carried by the founding members of the Cooperative was and remains great.

To continue to exploit the production of an olive grove of which the history begins about a century ago. When Antonis Papadopoulos, having in his possession the farm of Rovies, decides to transform the plain and the surrounding hills from wilderness into an olive grove. During his whole lifetime, from 1923 till 1963, when he died, 2,500 acres of forest were transformed into a large irrigated olive grove. After his death, and that of his first-born son, his daughter Anna Papadopoulou (and granddaughter of Penelope Delta) decided to proceed with the distribution of the olive grove. 

So from 1974 to 1981 the olive grove was distributed to the former workers of the estate in large parcels of 3 to 10 hectares the olive grove is considered, from every point of view, the most properly cultivated olive grove in the prefecture of Evia, while in the past, the Papadopoulou farm was considered a model olive grove all over Greece.

From this olive grove is produced the earliest table olive in Greece, PDO Conservolia Rovies benefiting from the special microclimate created by the neighboring forests, the protection from the north winds provided by the Telethrio and Xiro mountains, and the cool night wind from the Euboean gulf.

 The olives are processed at the facilities of the Cooperative, which were granted by Alexandra and Anna Papadopoulou and include:

  • space of 1,170 m2 where olives are received, fermented, sorted by size, quality sorted, pitted and packaged in large packages
  • space of 400 m2 where the packaging of olives and olive paste in glass jars, the pasteurization and filling of olives takes place.
  • the 450 m2 olive mill where the olive oil is produced.

 The Cooperative has approximately 130 members. In all processing and packaging activities, only members of the Cooperative are employed.

Τhe obejective of the Agricultural Olive Cooperative of Rovies  are:

  • Protection of of the members’ production
  • Protection of the environment and sustainability.
  • Promotion of the organic cultivation.
  • Assistance to members for all their needs for olive cultivation (fertilization, plant protection, irrigation, certification).
  • Production of energy from renewable energy sources.
  • The cooperation with universities, with research institutes, and other organizations for the research on the benefits of table olives, olive oil, and all derivatives of the olive trees.
    The support and promotion of agrotouristic units that promote local products and especially olive products